What’s an Affiliate Programs?

Here is some explaination term of an affiliate programs: 

Affiliate programs allow Web sites who provide links to your site to receive payments or reciprocal advertising in exchange for promoting your Web site. Audio/Video streaming – Audio/video streaming allows you to provide visitors to your site with a real-time sound or video experience. Backbone – The network of connections and high-speed lines that forms the infrastructure of the Internet. An important consideration in choosing a Web site host is that host’s proximity to the backbone…

Affiliate Programs are a way for you to sell another company’s products or services and receive a commission (or when you are ready, it is a way for you to get others to sell your products). Selling through another company’s affiliate program is a great hands-off way to sell on the Internet. You promote the product or service on your web site (and don’t forget your email). The company is responsible for the product or service; they process payments and ships the goods. You get the commission.

to be continued

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